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Ipod charger? Answered

I have the correct 5v and the Ipod registers it but it comes up as charged, so I think its working like an external battery, but how do I get it to actually charge?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Here is one

Here is another one, both of them work. 

Basically for my girlfriends ipod nano 4G works a any kind of resistor, I used 450kOhm from 5V to both D+ and D-. Thats it! No complicated schemes. 

The only problem that I have found with several chinese 220V AC -> 5V DC is that voltage is unstable under load (attached ipod). I was very puzzled by this problem - with some chargers ipod simply would not charge, but I had a an oscilloscope and it showed minimal produced voltage under load around 4,6V which was the cause for all the problems. So the short answer is - its very simple to make an ipod charge or mod an existing USB 5V charger to charge an ipod.

Thx!  Will try for sure...hope this works...fingers crossed! : )


8 years ago

An ipod chargers via USB. USB puts out 5 volts. you can take a 9 volt battery, then wire it up to a 5 volt regulator, then wire it up to a female USB port. the data pins don't have to be used to charge it. hope this answers your question!

Ya, that's like exactly what I did sort of (can't give out details, working on top secret Instructable, LOL!) but I have heard that Ipod/Apple makes their products so that a small amount of power has to go to the data pins to tell it has a charger connected so they can sell you overpriced accessories, and I have also heard before this same exact thing, newer ipods need small amount of power at the data pins but I was just checking, I don't want to waste extra parts.

i think they use resistors actually... not sure, but apple isn't the only one.

I have learnt that awhile back. However I haven't found any that work. I just stopped giving a damn pretty much, but I am still open to any new ideas... :D

well, i just found my other female usb plug, so i think an instructable may be coming soon, my original isn't really working right...

Oh, that reminds me, I really hate when you build something on a breadboard, and it works great! But when you have put it on perf board or a printed circuit board, it acts glitchy...Hate that! >:O

my mp3 player does the same... im not sure why, although with it using it as an external battery thats ok too. any suggestions? its a 1gb trekstor i.beat emo

Ya, an External Battery is fine, if it has power to turn already. I found my Ipod wouldn't turn on if it was dead and had the external battery was connected, but if you charged it for 10 secs. turned it on and quickly connected the charger it would work fine for hours after that. Weird... :P

i think it does it because there is no resistance between d- and d+, i also have a camnex mp3 player that... has been through the wash and dryer. it still works, but the battery is fried, it only works off of usb power. the protection circuit sounds like it went in your ipod battery, which reminds me i need a new palm zire 31 battery, as the ds battery only lasted me 4 or 5 months.

No, because I tried this with a brand new ipod that had no charge and it did the same thing, and I am sure the protection circuit in that one isn't dead. I also doubt that circuit is dead in the other ipod as well. Finicky things aren't they? Make it so you have to buy the over priced Apple/Brand name product.