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Ipod charger diferent then the rest Answered

OK so i bought the minty boost and everything worked fine until it burned up but now i know its cuz i had the bateries in it when i put it in a metal altoids tine and shorted it. The n bought another one thinking that it was my wiring that burned it up well the same thing happend. SO i spent about 40$ by now and want a to charge my ipod. But i want to do it with AA AAA not 9V. Any easy way to do this with out a big parts list (like tha minty boos) also i have no idea how to ahead of time know if it is Decherging the batteries when i connect it to my ipod or how good the charge is. Any one know how to tell? Or make one like I descirbed??!!


im not sure how to tell what i burned is there a way i can tell?

ok thanks but i did put it together properly but when i put it in thee altoids tine it had tha bateries in it and i didnt have anything covering the bottome. Where all the leads come out and i fried it. The reson i went through 2 was cuz i didint know that was the cause until i did it the second time.

Yes. You should have placed a sheet of thick paper (Backing from a paper pad works nice), or plastic tape between the circuit-board and metal case. Have you determined what component(s) exactly you burned out? They would be a lot cheaper to replace than purchasing yet another kit.

ahh, I didn't realize it happened to the second one... bugger.

yeah well you see i had this great idea I had a wireless FM transmitter. And minty boost and an altoid tin. It all fits but my minty boost fried sooo that sucked it would be kool to charge yor ipod and have it in a FM transmitter (the transmitter doesnt connect to the car it runs off of 2 AAA bateries)

perhaps you didn't put it together properly?

An alternative is a linear regulator -- its going to eat batteries (minty boost is much more efficient). But you're going to need a voltage greater than 5V -- so at least 4 1.5V cells (AA,AAA, whatever). The same regulator can be used with a 9V battery ;)