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Ipod laser pointer hack... Answered

bought a laser pointer that plugs into a 2nd gen iPod nano (hey it was $2), and since I don't own one, (3rd gen FTW) I took it apart. Now I've got some problems: a) How much power does an Ipod put out? I cant just hook this sucker up to a AA? I don't wish to power it through an iPod. b) The negative wire wasn't soldered, I think i know where it goes but I'd like to be sure All I know is it's a red laser pointer laser, and there wasn't any info on the packaging other than don't shine in your eye...


Hah!! i just got it working... a mile marker.... my first laser...

Binary boy is right, I think iPods can only supply 3.3v, and can charge off 5-12V.

Hey, I wonder if it was possible to sneak a micro dart gun into an ipod/iphone? the dart would have a powerful knockout drop within it.......

How do you plug that into an iPod anyways?

See the metal bit? It plugged into the connection cable slot, and a non functional bit plugged into the audio jack.

connect it to some AAs thru 10 K resistor and shrink the resistor untill you think the brightness is right if its dim without resistor add more volts and start over with large resistor

dont overpower it or you can burn it ('burn it'. not 'burn with it')

Most laser pointers use about 1.5 v right? This one had no circuitry other than what is shown.

this laser is just a led from electrical point of view normal key chain comes with 4.5 V battery. the battery itself is also the resistor (they use batteries with quite high resistance) it fires on 3 V and does not on 1.5 so the min volt is between if you take 10 K resistor you can safely start from 4.5 - 6 V. with higher resistor you can start from higher voltage. then you try a bit smaller resistor each time (or use variable resistor) until you think the brightness is right