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Ipod touch 4g charger from AA's? Answered

Hey all- does anyone know of an ipod charger that runs on AA's that can charge an ipod touch 4g? I am going on a trip soon (1 week) and would like to try to make a backup battery for my touch. I have most materials that would be used for this- a variety of caps, 7805's, a few resistors, pretty much everything except a battery holder. I can also head to radioshack (maybe in a couple days if I need to get anything). Anyone know of anything?

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frollardBest Answer (author)2011-04-17
astroboy907 (author)frollard2011-04-17

Im looking for something simpler, that doesnt require a boost converter :)
im fine with it being a little less efficient for smplicitys sake

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frollard (author)astroboy9072011-04-17

then you need 4x aa in series to make 6 volts, and a 7805 regulator. Also, you'll need a couple resistors over the data pins in order for the ipod to believe the 'charger' is authentic. You'll have to search because I'm not willing to do that for you.

Really...use a minty boost.

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