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Ironman thrusters Answered

Everyone likes to fly like ironman but he uses high technology like plasma, repulsors to fly which are still in research. But i have an idea , with enough pressure, air compressor can be used to lift us like flyboard but they are little heavy, but it can be modified. so tell me your ideas in this forum. Air extinguisher is good but lasts for only few seconds, so share your ideas,



if we can repel charges of air at high level we can fly in air

It's all about exchanging momentum - compressed air isn't very heavy, so to lift a human you will need to push it out at rocket-exhaust velocities, or in huge quantities.

Either way, you're not going to fit enough air inside the suit to lift a man. Leave out the pilot, you might lift the suit for a few seconds.

You're going to need aerodynamic lift to compensate for the lack of thrust, which means you're going to have to go for this:


First thanks for your reply, I have this idea not to lift humans like ironman to the sky but it acts as a hovercraft attached to our legs which can fly upto few metres.

In that case, your opening post was not well worded.

Have a search for hoverboard and hovercraft in the actual instructables, there are several.