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Is $15.00 "cheap" Answered

I want to know: is $15.00 "cheap" enough, or not, please


For what, Meh, it depends, I don't think I've paid anything to make any of my 'ibles, umm lemme have a look and a think. Umm nope, not one, any of them that need materials they come in at a few quid at most...

good for you!! You actually deserve to be in a group called "The Cheapskate Instructables"

Yeah I'm working on a few good one's now, they're all cheap as chips... one of them literally means taking a walk an picking up some bits of rubbish to make...

Yeah they're pretty cool, the pen one is a great cheapskate thing to do, I'm not a massive cheapskate, I like having nice things but wont pay for them if I don't have to, also saving my wages for the weekends...

Its Radioactive's old profile, he got banned, yada yada yada...

Really? I thought he just started up another profile to change the name... What was he banned for?

And now it's DJ radio.... When will you settle with something you like?

He needs a solid personality first. ;-)

dude, quit bumping the topic up, kiteman said not to...............

Kiteman has no authority over anyone here. That doesn't mean I don't respect him, but I don't think he'd like to know that people are using his name to push orders around.

Not really sure, b/c I was on vacation... But from what I saw I'm surprised he didn't get banned sooner...

I know right! He was seriously pushing it...

no, actually, i got my old account deleted. banned members first of all have a line through the name, and their profiles dont get deleted

I added a few of my more relevant 'ibles to the group, I figured the pen jet doesn't count becaue it's too easy to get carried away and buy a bunch of lighters etc. to mangle...

15.00 is cheap for a car and outrageous for a stick of gum.

A stick of gum??? LOL. I don't think anyone would sell A peice of gum...

so it just depends on the item, right

Yeah. You have to comparisan shop. If you are making something from scratch, compare how much it costed you to how much it would cost to buy ready made at the store. If it's your own invention and you can't get it at the store, how much would you pay for it at the store? That is how I count the cost and relative cheapness of projects.

You were one half tick short of answering my question but I realize this is more of an opinion than fact by the way, tell me how did you find the topic???

Um, how was I on half tick short of answering your question? Do you need something else? :) Your thread was on the community board...

Well, as I said this is more of opinion than fact

. Depends. If you're talking about a MP3 player, that's pretty cheap. Not so cheap for an origami project.

I mean $15.00 for materials for an instructable

and I mean materials for simple instructables

. I don't think you can place an absolute dollar/pound/euro value on "cheap." It depends on the project. IMNSHO, $15 would be reasonably cheap for a lot of projects. For simpler projects, $15 might be too much. For someone richer than I, $50 might be cheap. For someone poorer, $5 might be too much.

. Pen gun: Not my type of project, but definitely low cost. . Toilet prank and shoelaces: zero cost. . . According to the group description, $15 is the max budget, no matter what the project. And they're very adamant about it.

or was that a compliment???

. Neither compliment nor slam - just repeating what I read. . I don't think putting a dollar amount on the limit is the way to go. I'd suggest something like "less than 10% of what a new one costs." Or just leave it up to the reader to decide what is cheap.

Sure. 15 dollars is pretty cheap, just as long as it's not for something like a pen.

I think it depends on how much money you have to spend. I have $25 on my debit card, and $15.00 for me would be somewhat expensive. Then again, if you are talking for simple instructables, $15.00 is somewhat in the middle.

I wonder... How did you find this topic?