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Is 6000 mcd to bright for a blue led cube? Answered

 Im making my own Arduino based led cube, and was wondering if 6000 mcd is to bright for this project.



 As it turns out, 8cd LEDs are very hard to find (well, at least for me)...however, there are a lot of 10cd ones available...would these happen to be too bright?

What do you mean by "too bright" - hurt your eyes or too much power requirement?


 By "too bright" I mean that being so bright that you can't distinguish individual LEDs once I start using the cube.  Also, not hurting my eyes would be nice 

Ah right. Well there's also the  light in the room to consider. If this is for use in a dark place you need less than somewhere brightly lit.
General opinion seems to be 6cd isn't too bright.


It depends on the beam-angle of the LEDs too.

6000mcd is actually sorta dim I'd go to a 7000-8000mcd personally.

6cd isn't very bright. It should be fine :)