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Is Arduino the tool for this? Answered

     Hello, I have a question. I'm currently working on a project where data is transferred via radio at a frequency of 916.5 MHz. I need to receive this data, and then send a new signal containing the data out via Bluetooth. I have programming experience, and know C++ fairly well, but have never used Arduino or other microcontrollers. I have looked around, and could not find an answer anywhere else. Can Arduino do this? If so, could you point me in the direction of the radio receiver that can pick up that frequency and Bluetooth transmitter modules (is this the correct word?) that would work for me, as well as what type of Arduino board you would recommend? Thank you!



You are thinking about doing something, but you don't know much about how to physically do it?
-What is this 916.5 MHz source, what receiver do you have etc?


Exactly, I'm asking if Arduino is the proper tool to be doing something like this, and if anybody can give me some pointers. The source is a glucose meter that sends the reading to my insulin pump. I have posted a lot more information about what I want to accomplish on a Reddit post, please check it out if you have time and would like to contribute, feel free to reply here if you don't have a Reddit account, and I will still get it. Here is the link to the Reddit post. Thanks!

Yes, you've got your answers in there, e.g. "you need to know what kind of modulation is used and what protocol the device speaks. Unless you are able to find a compatible receiver, it will be a very challenging first project to build a receiver."
(I was guessing Roche first, and Medtronic second)
The data is downloadable, so what's your need for real-time wireless monitoring?


Not real time monitoring, but rather just being able to get the numbers from the meter to my phone without manually entering them myself.

Can you get hold of someone at Medtronic...?
To a phone goes like this: complicated. You'll still have to type them in I think. There may be a better way of achieving whatever is achieved without doing it this way though - i.e. why are you typing numbers into the phone?