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Is Virtual PC Overclocking my processor? Answered

Cpuz says that my processor is running at 830MHz maximum in virtual pc My processor speed is 800HMz my host os is windows XPSP3 and the os in virtual PC is windows 2000 Neptune(go figure) edition Also my physical computer says that my cpu is running at about 790MHz


i dont think it does it just reports wrong stuff inside the vm

Well then why does the vm tell the program that it is being overclocked? and why does it say that the computer is 500MHz?

some vms allow the os inside to partially work on the outside hardware directly i guess it comes down to that it does not want the os inside to use all of the computer resources (that explains the 500 mhz) and the 830 mhz is just some default thats actually ignored by the os its just a guess though