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Is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO Video Card compatible with a ATI Radeon X1200 graphic adaptor? Answered

I purchased the NVIDIA card and installed it and the setup wizard is telling me that my graphic adaptor is incompatible and will not install the software. I tried downloading the NVIDIA Driver 182.08 from www.NVIDIA.com but that will not get past the setup either. It says that it cant locate any drivers that are compatible with my hardware. What can i do to make it work? Or did i just waste $130 on a Video Card that wont work with my PC?


What board are you trying to plug it into and what OS are you running? You seem to indicate that your old card was an ATI and that worked, but it's the rest of the machine we need to know about.


Sry Im not a gear head but i'll try to answer your question the best i can. My comp is a Acer Aspire M1100 with windows vista home premium. AMD Athlon 64x2 duel core processor. This is the first Video card ive bought and the rest of the comp is all stock. hope that helps

So you can fit it and it's giving you a standard (VGA?) display, but you can't install the Vista drivers? The NVIDIA spec' claims it's OK for Vista. The AMD 690V boards are compatible with the card too. I couldn't find anything on support.microsoft.com or anywhere else on the internet - sounds like some software installation issue. Sorry, but I don't know what the problem is. L

well i dont know either. The NVIDIA driver i downloaded from the website just wont work. The NVIDIA setup program says it cant find any drivers that are compatible. So I'm lost. Is it just more beneficial to buy a Radeon Video card since i have a ATI Radeon graphic adaptor?

And since the program says there is no Graphic adaptor installed, how do i go about installing a NVIDIA graphic adaptor for the Video card i bought?

i also just updated my graphics adaptor so now its ATI Radeon X1250. But the Installation CD that came with the PNY NVIDIA Video Card still claims that there is no Graphics Adaptor installed in my comp. It also says the graphics adaptor installed in the system is not compatible with the current set of drivers. i dunno what to do to make it work. Or do i need to just buy a Radeon Vid card?

if you plugged your monitor into the new card and are able to start windows with it then im near sure its compatible the second one looks like message from windows and not from the driver. run the downloaded file directly and not thru the windows wizard. see if it works now