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Is a special technique required to apply water-based paint with an air spray gun? Answered

Using 30-40 psi as specified. Using a small, detail gun with compressor.   Finish is rough, flat, rather than glossy.  Spray appears to dry in flight. I varied distance, paint-volume, pressure, and thinned the paint with water.  Nothing is effective.



4 years ago

I think you need a paint extender. I've had pretty good success with Benjamin Moore Extender but I've been told there's not much difference in various brands.

Another thing, disregard PSI specs and just use the lowest pressure that actually works for the best results.

What kind of climate are you shooting in ?

Also, humidity is very low, 15%, normal in Wyoming.

I would suspect you are way too dry for water based paints. Have you thought of a DIY powder coating system ?

I am in a heated garage, 60-70 degrees. Small 3' x 4' cardboard paint booth, with exhausting fan. Am painting a steel box, about 12" square.