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Is ceiling fan blade and helicopter blade same in design or not what is the difference between them in their design? Answered

can i use fan blade as light weight helicopter blade or there is a difference in their design



I assume this is connected with building a drone that can lift 600 Kg. NO this isn't going to happen for you. think of another project to do.

Do yourself a big favour and use Google more often ;)
Apart from finding tons of info and images on hilicopter rotors there is also common sense:
A helicopter needs to produce a lot of lift with the rotor and the blades should provide as little air resistance for forward travel as possible.
A ceiling fan only moves air around and not even with good efficiency....

1. Not the same shape look closely at helicopter blades they are long and thin and shaped in an aerofoil.

2. the fan blade is short, flat and angled to drive air down or up.

3. too heavy.

4 Too weak.

5 wrong material.