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Is chain maille bullet proof? Answered

How strong is this stuff? Is it comparable to Kevlar? Will it stop a bullet? I know it'll protect you from being stabbed, but what if someone's got a firearm? Are some mailles stronger than others? Which is the strongest?


So perhaps as armor to protect against shrapnel in case any of my projects happen to......um....explode, chain mail is not bullet-proof. But on the bright side, a cool thing about it is that it's basically wearable, flexible, breathable, metal. Metal can be magnetized. It can also be a conductor for electricity. Metal is very strong (not bullet-proof strong, but still very durable). Plus, it can be made in all kinds of shapes and patterns as well!

chainmail is definitely not bulletproof. Unless the links were about an inch thick, and tightly woven like a t-shirt. it guards against slashing more than anything. I think it would make things worse...because instead of having a bullet in the wound, you'd have the bullet and wedged metal points of the links. mmm nothing spells out sepsis like copper, steel, and a good ol' fashioned .45 round

If you had some "miracle metal" it might be bullet resistant. But realistically, without trauma plates you'd still get severe internal injuries. But steel core rifle ammo can consistently shoot through most "bullet proof" vests. Kevlar is great.... for most handgun and shotgun rounds. But FMJ .223, 30-06, 7.62 x 39mm, 7.62 x 54mm, .308, .303 and others will punch right through it. If you wanted a better maille option, I'd go with plate maille. Even then, they can always build a bigger/faster bullet, that'll penetrate almost anything.

What you generally think of when you hear the word, "armor," like a knight wore.

Like plate body? I think I see... But I figured that wasn't anymore bulletproof/resistant than chain maille... That's interesting.

Neither one is particularly good. Bullets go through thin metal pretty easily. By the time it's thick enough, it's too heavy.

You can use a metal thats not thick as it needs to be, then tilt it at an angle, which effectively makes it thicker.

You mean having 1" thick metal is too heavy for armor? That's ridiculous...

Well, if you have a hydraulic robot suit, 1" steel plates should be just fine!

  • Now where did I put that hydraulic-robot-suit???*

There's a type of bullet proof vest that works on a principle similar to that. Google Dragon Scale armor for more info.

Oh, I remember that. In the security business, I see all kinds. The only one I've ever had was II-A Kevlar, but I always enjoy looking at the other stuff.

What do you do in the security arena?

Dragon skin is only available to government =[

Right now I supervise a security shift at an aircraft manufacturer. But in my previous job I did some personal protection/ escort stuff that occasionally put me in contact with Secret Service, FBI, and others. I've done protection for Mrs. Cheney, Barbara Bush, Mike Huckabee, Colin Powell, Asa Hutchinson, Gorbachev, William Bennett, and a few others. I may go into "contracting" when the kids get a little older. If push came to shove, I can still get access to most any equipment I need. Right now though, I'm little more than a "rent-a-cop".

Actually look up "plated mail" or "splinted mail". Still (realistically) too heavy, but halfway between full armour and chain maille.

You could test it, let us know?

OK, I'll let you off wearing it during the test.

Some friends tested Kevlar at my house. But they weren't wearing it. Maybe next time!

It depends on how far, what gun, what metal is used, and if the bullet hits it or not.

im guessing how cops are wearing kevlar and not chain mail that it is not stronger then kevlar

Hmmm... What about more than one layer? Would that help? Or just more shrapnel?

You might have several layers that could stop a bullet but would probably be impractical to wear because it is so heavy or inflexible. Even with advanced materials like kevlar or carbon fiber, for every design that can stop a bullet, there is someone thinking about a better bullet to penetrate the armor.

If its tight enough and thick enough yes. Otherwise it would probably slow it down (possibly prevent a fatal shot)

Personally, I really have a feeling that it can't stop bullets, but hey, you never know. Well, I don't anyway. So I thought I'd ask to see if anyone else knows.