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Is drinking water with dry ice in it dangerous? Answered

In Science class we had some dry ice, and a friend put some in the bottom of a class of water, then drank the bubbling water. He said it was safe, and others did it with no apparent ill effects. I tried a little taste of the water and it tasted like mineral water. Is this safe?



Best Answer 6 years ago

"It depends"

If you avoid swallowing the dry ice itself, you are reasonably safe, although inhaling the fog will cut down the amount of oxygen you are receiving for a few breaths.

If you accidentally swallow some dry ice, there is a risk of frost-burn to parts of the mouth, tongue, oesophagus and stomach, so if you suspect that this has happened, take a large drink of warm water. If you have swallowed some dry ice, it will be subliming to a gas, increasing in volume several thousand times. This will be painful, and require you to force several belches.

If, at any time in the days after possibly swallowing dry ice, you feel a sharp, burning sensation anywhere from lips to stomach, then seek medical attention and explain what you did.

Okay. I really like the visual effect it creates. I will put a little screen in the bottom of the glass next time to keep the ice contained. I will most likely be using this as an effect in a movie.

can we use it in home made air conditioner ?

Sure yes. Is it effective .................... no

Remember the dry ice sublimes ( turns into ) CO2 gas which displaces air.

So come home hot and tired and take a nap on the floor then risk dying without enough oxygen... Just saying.

Well dry ice is solid co2, which doesn't go through the liquid state when going from solid to gas (sublimation). So all that is happening is that you are inhaling/swallowing small amounts of carbon dioxide

You should use food grade dry ice, which will sink to the bottom of the glass. However, you cannot drink the ice regardless.

Unless there is a way to trap the solid CO2, make it denser or rarefy H20.
All dry ice sinks in fresh water until the sublimation bubbles become a
significant portion of the solids density and make it float.

My experience on mountain water this occurs when the dry ice shrinks
to 1/8" [3mm] in diameter.



6 years ago

I suppose as long as it doesn't touch your skin, and you don't get in your mouth or swallow it, you'd be fine. As a little kid, I'd always drink the fruit punch they put the dry ice in at Halloween parties, and it never hurt me any.

i accidentally swallowed a very small piece of dry ice ( about the size of the top of a pencil eraser) and i havent had any pains in my stomach, or any sort of gas, and i drank warm water. Am i at risk of danger at all?


6 years ago

Something that is really fun to do is to put out a candle with it. Dry ice is pure CO2 in frozen form. CO2 is heavier than air so its flows to the lowest level it can. If you put a candle in a jar or a fish bowl you can actually pour the CO2 into the jar and it will put the fire out. (It replaces all the air so there is no oxygen).

People have been saying that it's safe as long as you don't swallow it, but I would ask why you would want to take that chance??? It would be very easy to swallow it, even if you think you are safe. Sometimes small pieces can break off as it melts.

Many people take dry ice for granted. One time when a theater hired me to do fx, they required me to get a has-mat license just to handle the dry ice. (Granted: that was overkill, but still!)

It's fine if the dry-ice stays out of your mouth. Inside could be painful, down the throat could be very nasty...



6 years ago

As you are enjoying the affect ( Very Mad Scientist ) the dry ice is
shrinking until it floats up to the top of your water and you swallow some
dry ice ( trust me easy to do ) ! ! !
Now if the ice attaches to your esophagus or stomach wall and freezes
a bit of skin solid ( you have experienced the sharp pain of being "burned' )
you may get a life threatening ulcer.

If you do swallow some dry ice, DRINK Warm Water and JOG in Place.


Carbon dioxide is found dissolved in soda, and the water should freeze before it reaches dangerously low temperatures. It should be safe to drink (as long as you don't swallow dry ice).

Still not quite sure why anyone would do that, though...