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Is ethylene glycol(aka antifreeze) electrically conductive? Answered

I'm unsure if the industry standard engine coolant can have electronics (specifically dc motors) completely submerged in it without any ill effects like shorting going on. By the way, its for an impeller coolant pump.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You have to compare things (resistance), 12V motors will run just fine in clean freshwater - 'glycol isn't that conductive - you should be OK. L

I just checked, its about 1-5Mohms. Thanks lemonie!

Oh good, like to see what you do with this. I bought some generic anti-freeze hoping it would be IPA - it wasn't and it doesn't burn... :( L

Its for the cooling system for my laser. I'll post the whole I'ble for it once I'm done. Currently I don't have enough money to compleate the majority of my projects, so it might be a while for that one.

Also, if I sanded the sides of my laser diode (essentially the same package as a stubby led), that should theoretically increase the surface area and thus aid a little in the cooling of it, right?

Yes sanding will do that, but cutting grooves with a hacksaw might do better? (don't know your size too well) L

ooh. You'd want to grind off the plastic to expose one edge of the large terminal - cram it up against a heat sink? L


Hmm, that's an interesting way to go about it, but that also brings up the question of possible irreparable damage.

You might, but all you're after is some access to the metal, cooling isn't going to be very effective through a plastic case. L