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Is it 1HP vaccum motor which produce Air Flow of 660CFM can be operate by 12V Rechargeable Battery are available? Answered

I like to use 1HP vacum motor which produce Air Flow of 660FM to powered by 12V Rechargeable battery or Gasoline Engine.IS it workable?
Is 12V battery , have enough power to generate air flow of 660CFM sucking power?
Is it 1HP vacuum Motor available in Market?



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devarajen (author)2012-05-07

Hi thanks for the comments.

Actually I like to modify this Dust Collector, By Central Machinery , distribute by Harbor freight, model no 94029 which operate by AC 120V 60Hz 1 HP to DC 12V or 18V Li-Cd Rechargeable battery.

I have to modify & take out the AC motor & replace with DC motor with the Battery powered. I will be using outdoor where there are no electric power supply.

Hope you guys can help me.


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dreiseratops (author)2012-05-07
lemonie (author)2012-05-05

If you've got a gasoline engine attach the turbine directly to that.
Is it a 12V motor? (I don't think so)


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