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Is it Fixed yet? Answered

Just wondering if the can't post a question bug is now fixed. SO if this question actually does show up then I guess I have my answer. If not, its still broke.


LOL... kelseymh did the same thing around 8:30 PST... so Yes, it is working...

Did I win anything???

(just kidding)

You were the first to view it, there were a total of One views when you answered so since you were the first you get best.

It let me make the question but then it took forever for it to post. I think mine beat his up or his is still stuck in a filter somewhere in never never land.

Thanks Vyger. Not all the kinks have been ironed out from the past few days, and although it might have been an interesting cyber fight, kelseymh deleted his question right after he saw that it worked, (or so he told me). :D


6 years ago

Hi Vyger I think it's working now. How are your kitties? Mine are ok. Have only 8 now.

Things continue to be interesting.
I had a young tom show up this summer, I guess he was 5 or 6 months old and he was looking for love. Unfortunately for him all the girls were not interested which he could just not figure out. He hung around all summer eating to his hearts content and other than a few forays stuck around and became part of the family. Fall came and so did the spay and neuter clinic so I decided that if he was going to be a permanent fixture he was also going to be fixed so his love for the food got him a free ticket. By this time he had grown really big and he was totally black, not a white hair on him anywhere. For the clinic I had to put a name down for him on the sign in papers so I named him Snowball. I knew 3 of the volenteers working the animals and when they first came to him they paused and reread his name and then saw my name and recognized it and it caused a bit of a riot of laughter as they know my sense of humor. When I went to pick him up the first thing they said to me was SNOWBALL!
Well, he recovered fast from that and grew even more. He had to have been the biggest cat I have ever seen, I was wondering if he wasn't part panther. He used to wander off for a few days every now and then and then one day just never came back. So I have no idea where snowball went. He might have gone back home. I can imagine the surprise of those people if he did. He left a scrawny kitten and came back the size of a small dog.
I still have all the rest of the gang. The one that got run over has recovered and other than running a little funny gets around like the others. She even managed to do some tree climbing which really surprised me.
Then I had another addition. Someone dumped a couple of little kittens in the ditch along the highway. I found them sitting in the middle of the road screaming for mom. At first I though that maybe they were wild but they showed no fear of me and I had not seen any sign of a stray mom around. So apparently they just got dumped. They were very small and one didn't survive for some reason but the other has been doing fine so I have an extra kitten that has been trying to fit in but keeps getting swatted whenever she tries to cuddle up to an older cat. I may advertise her as a kitten for someone or just hang on to her until spring. I noticed that 2 of the others have finally been sleeping in the basket with her so she is getting accepted at last.