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Is it a good idea to drill holes into the bottom of crocs shoes for water drainage? Answered

I was looking at these Hi-Tec Hydro shoes and I saw they had holes in the sole to let water drain out, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do the same with crocs.
You can see the drainage holes in the sole if you zoom in.

I'm going to Hawaii and i want general water/walking shoes and crocs seem to be the most readily available, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable. I just didn't want to ruin a pair by drilling small holes in between the treads or anything. Also, my plan would be to drill at an angle so that nothing sharp would be able to penetrate through the bottom, but I'm more afraid of the drill bit tearing too much material away when doing so since I have never owned a pair myself. Any help would be great, and thanks in advance.




Best Answer 8 years ago

I wouldn't - the drill-holes would make rough (blister-inducing) patches inside, and the holes themselves would be weeak points to start tars in the crocs.

Tars! Kiteman....
It's okay, we all make mistakes.


8 years ago

i honestly don't think crocs would be the best choice of shoe for hiking in hawaii. you want a shoe that is secure to your foot. you can find some cheapish ($50 or less) water friendly hiking shoes at a local sporting goods store or try a place like DSW or Marshalls. I went to hawaii and you definitely need a better "hiking" shoe, especially if you're planning on seeing volcanoes, good luck

Your crocs will not survive for long afterwords. Best to shell out a few bucks for a cheap pair of water socks. To be honest, the hydro shoes float too much to make swimming comfortable.

I love hydroshoes/socks if you're not actively swimming, but rather wading in the surf - much less damage to my tootsies.