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Is it a problem if the black binding post is in contact with the case on ATX PSU convert to lab power supply? Answered


I was concerned about this too when I last rebuilt my bench power supply, so I went ahead and used rubber grommets with my binding posts and that seems to have done the trick.

You can get bags of 100 grommets for pretty cheap online, like $2.99 for a bag or something.

Not if nothing else in contact with it, all you get is a chassie-ground which is a good thing. However you probably have the ground from the outlet connected to the chassie to, probably a green/yellow cable. This could cause some problems if the mains-wiring is faulty, ie the chassie conducting highvoltage from the mains, this could then in turn ruin anything connected to the black post. Whatever you choose to do make sure none of the red positive posts is in contact with it.

Thank you for the info. I kinda figured that and went the safe route and got insulated binding posts.

No black is the negative side

What's this black binding post? Picture? L