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Is it againts the rules of Instructables to ask for funding in an Instructable? Answered


I am wondering if it's against the rules of instructables to ask for funding in an instructables to be able to buy  parts for my next instructables.

Any one knows?

Thanks in advise. :)


I don't think so.

Keep it subtle, don't post personal contact details, and leave it to the final step, and you should be fine.

However, if funding is a continuing barrier to making, you ought to look at the possibilities of crowdfunding, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, then posting details here:


That's what I had in mind, Like, Making a Kickstarter with a pledge of the price of all the parts for my next instructables. ^_^

You might offer to credit them in a special step of the project write-up, or even send the object you make (or a re-make) to the biggest supporter.

Hey Kiteman,

I opened a Kickstarter account and the rules says:

"Projects can’t fundraise for charity, offer financial incentives, or involve prohibited items.

We’re all in favor of charity and investment, but they’re not permitted
on Kickstarter. Projects can’t promise to donate funds raised to a
charity or cause, and they can’t offer financial incentives like equity
or repayment. We also can’t allow any of these prohibited things."

I don't think I can fundrise an instructables and only give credits as a reward.

Do you know any other fundraising websites?

You aren't a registered charity, are you? You're not offering shares in a company as reward, are you?

"Honourable mentions" are a common reward for a small donation on a Kickstarter. In your case, decide what you are going to make and how much it will cost to build.

Say it will cost $100, offer 50 x $1.00 rewards of a mention in the instructable. Then offer 50 x $5.00 rewards, where you'll send each donor a personal thank you card, as well as a mention in the instructable. Then offer a couple of $25.00 rewards, where they'll get their photo on the credits step, and a single $100 reward, where the donor gets the object you make, and a credit to themselves in the introduction, with a photo of them holding the made object, you could even use that photo as the thumbnail for the project.

Yeah, That sounds good.

Thanks for the help, Kiteman! ^^


3 years ago

If you pay for the shipping I would send you some free components.

I'm realizing at my age there are a great many things I will never use :(

What project do you want to make, what do you need ?

That is very generous of you, but the shipping might cost more than the parts themselves depending where you are located.

I live in Canada.

I am working on a super simple two transistor stereo amp at the moment but have all the parts needed.

I have some more projects coming that I may not have the parts.

You can private message me if you want.

You'd be more likely to tap into people's generosity in terms of donations like iceng offered or cash if you have more quality instructables. Your first one looks great. I suggest you keep making whatever you can afford before asking for funding.