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Is it allowed to make changes after being accepted to a contest? Answered

I have been accepted to the Epilog Challenge and want to make some changes to my instructable. Some questions have come up in the comments and I think some clarifications would be needed.


.  If you are referring to the end of item 5 ("Entries that have been tampered with or altered are void.") on the Official Rules page, then my _GUESS_ is that is boilerplate language, for contests involving pre-printed coupons and such, that didn't get deleted.
.  But that is just my guess. I wouldn't make any changes until I heard from Robot or one of his minions.

The last time this question was asked I think small updates and additions were considered reasonable but certainly be good to get a staffer to say yay or nay.

I found this little gem in the rules "Entries that have been tampered with or altered are void".

I'm not sure about this. Better not alter the instructable.

You're certainly allowed to edit your instructable, additions etc. I imagine there's something about massive edits but shouldn't be a problem.