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Is it alright if I peel off big peices of skin that are just barely attached to my chinese water dragon? Answered

My Chinese Water Dragon is almost always shedding in at least one spot, and I was wondering, is it harmful in any way to pull of a big peice that is mostly shed, but just sitting on him?  I have been keeping reptiles for years, but this is one question I have.  Does it harm his new skin in any way?  I have been doing so, and he seems fine, but is there a problem with that?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Just let the skin come off naturaly becuase if its still attached, were its attached could still be developing. It would probabaly be better to let nature take its course.


8 years ago

I used to have Gecko's, they will just rip off the skin by them self.

I'd say it's better to let him deal with it himself. He knows what it feels like from inside and whether it's ready to go; you don't.

Alright. I'll see if any more answers pop up soon before I select best answer.

Leave it alone, pick your own skin off.
It may not harm the creature, but there's nothing to be gained from doing it, and a risk that you might harm it. Pets look at they look, pretty or shabby you live with it, as they do.