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Is it better to put compost bin under direct sun or under shade? Answered

I have several compost bags (ex flour). I put them on shade. But I just read from the web that compost works better under direct sun. My question is it better to put my compost bags under direct sun or just keep tem away from direct sun? Could you please give the reasons also. Thanks



In the case of a worm garden, I'd think that shade would be the best place, due to the need for maintaining the moisture level and a cool environment for the "critters", although I've never really researched it. Mine does just fine in pretty deep shade. It is directly overlooked by a densely branched, youngish (20 yrs) elm tree and receives about 30 minutes of direct sun per day on one small corner of the pile. Acid content seems to be most important thing in mine as it needs a bit of lime periodically to maintain a comfortable living condition for the squigglies and their other friends.

It doesn't matter an awful lot. Shade makes it easier to maintain the moisture content, but a tarp over the compost heap can do that, too. (I personally would prefer to work a compost heap in the shade, so that's where I'd put mine.) The big thing is to make sure that the compost heap isn't up against your house or garage. On very hot summer days, compost heaps can sometimes get so hot they catch themselves on fire. If they're heaped against a building, the building can catch fire - around here, we seem to lose one or two homes to compost fires every summer.