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Is it difficult to powder coat a bike? is this the best way to paint a bike and is it available in lots of colours? Answered

Is it difficult to powder coat a bike? is this the best way to paint a bike and is it available in lots of colours? I heard it was basically primary colours but does anyone have anyinfo on this?



Not hard to powder coat it yourself... I know this is an old post but fear not! Harbor Freight sells a powder coat machine ~$40 sale price. i cook my stuff in a kitchen oven I got for free, or a toaster oven.  You only need ~300 degrees F to cook the coating.

Read up and don't be afraid to experiment. You can do cool stuff for cheap if you play around a bit with your resources.

If you're in So Cal, come by our site at shop dot 23b dot org, we'd love to see you and we have powder coating apparatus and lots of other toys ready for you to use.  Check us on hackerspaces as well as the shop site.

23b Shop

I work for a place that makes custom metal railing, among other things.  We have things powder coated regularly, and we don't even do enough to make it worth buying the equipment.  We send it out.

Color:  Anything you want, but it'll cost a lot more if it's anything other than black or white.  The big cost isn't for the powder, it's for labor to clean the equipment before and after changing colors.

Metal:  Aluminum or titanium can be cleaned to bare metal (nothing special, just no paint, decals, etc.).  The powder fuses well to these.  It also fuses well to steel, but steel has to be sandblasted, coated with an inhibitor and powder coated right away.  We discourage people from having steel powder coated because sandblasting raises the cost to near aluminum (so why not buy aluminum and be done with it) and because the first time it gets nicked and starts to rust, the coating peels off as the rust travels under it.

Look for a place that does it and chat them up.  That's your best source of info. 

Its not difficult. You find a paint shop with the kit and let them do it. Seriously, you need specialised kit as everyone has said - a special gun, a special dust extractor and an over to bake it all. Its not expensive.

The big problem, aside from having a delivery system, is that powder coating is only the second step (after you properly prepare the frame). You then have to bake it in an oven to fuse the paint particles. I'd suggest that you call around in your area and get prices. You might be better off having it done by "the professionals". Some cost savings can be had by prepping the frame yourself, although the coating company may (or not) insist on doing a final acid wash/rinse prior to painting to ensure quality. I'd ask their advise.

not sure about colors, but if history is any measure, you can get just about any color you want if you're willing to pay the bill... Best advise on that issue is to ask the vendor.

Automotive refinishing supply catalogs show powdercoat in many, many colors, and I suspect they're not bothering to stock everything. I agree about contacting manufacturers if you need a good answer on that. But I also agree that you need to think about the baking process. Some folks have successfully done this with mongo banks of heat lamps, but of course that draws a lot of electricity and you need to worry about what else you're heating or overheating. I think I agree that if this is the way you want to go, it's probably simpler to get a pro involved.

Especially with the advise Burf gives....Shops will often help someone out with a deal if they're doing other work. One more piece in the oven isn't anything but profit...Same goes for Chroming shops and the like...


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Powder coating isn't particularly difficult but it does require some special equipment since it is applied electrostatically and has to be baked in an oven. Basically, you're coating a metallic object with a fine powdered plastic and then heating it to melt the plastic so the powder flows together and bonds to the metals surface. Even if you can rent the equipment to apply the powder, finding an oven large enough to accommodate a bicycle frame is going to be tricky. Colors? Yeah, there is a wide range of colors available including metal flake additives. I would suggest you contact some local auto paint shops and see if you can work a deal. You do all the prep work, and let them lump it in with a job they already have. If you're not too picky about the color, you'll probably be able to work a fairly good deal.

From what I've heard and experienced powder coating is an excellent way to paint any metal. It's really easy but there is one great problem. The equipment costs like crazy.