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Is it feasible to add a kick start to my sport bike? Answered

I have a 200cc dual sport that has dual electric and kick start which i love for when i'm having charge/ battery issues or it's just reluctant to start on cold days.
My sport bike is a zx7r with electric starter exclusively. Is there a practical way to add a kick start to this bike or (as i'm guessing) would it be way more time/ trouble/ money than it's worth?



Best Answer 6 years ago

I doubt it. Every kick starter I've seen goes into the transmission so to add one is pretty close to impossible. You must either keep the battery in tip top shape or learn to push start. I used to push start a 650 Triumph. As long as it was pointed downhill!

i had a feeling that was the case. the only times i've ridden this bike i've had to push start and in my situation (~600lb bike, stubby handlebars, no hills nearby) that's only served as a great way to destroy my fairings
thanks for the reply!

It's no fun to push - jump on and then tip over the other side - Don't ask!

i did this while learning to ride this bike!!

You may need to google this as I'm just working from memory, and it's late. I'll compare the two extremes, an old kick only bike and a modern electronic everything bike. An old bike with a kick start and magneto/points, sparks every time the piston reaches tdc on the firing stroke. Easy to start when you get it right. A modern bike with fuel injection, electronic ignition, auto decomp etc. turns the motor over a number of times before it starts to send a spark. You couldn't kick it over as the engine would only turn over a couple of times and you wouldn't get a spark. This is a very simplified explanation and would depend on the bike you are thinking of using, but you get the idea.

don't know if this changes the answer, but the sport bike is a '97 and is carbureted not fuel injected


6 years ago

Maybe, I know that you can get kick starter kits for Harleys. I don't know much about your particular bike but you can do a search for OEM and after-market kits and see if anything is out there.