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Is it just my imagination Answered

Is it just my imagination but are there fewer questions coming through since the tab vanished from the top of the home page??


If its your imagination, its mine too. A lot fewer.
I don't see what harm there was having the tab there, there's plenty of room.

Answers is the ugly stepchild here. It has been for quite a while.

No, Answers is just the annoying kid brother. Groups is the ugly stepchild, and has been for at least a couple of years.

I stand corrected. Maybe a regional difference in the meaning of the terms.

But it still points the fact that instructables is the favorite son of the site even though answers and groups keep things moving by providing a place to exchange experience, ideas and philosophies that instrucables DOES NOT ALLOW due to the nature of the forum.

There is a place here for all of us or at least could be if we weren't chopped off at the knees.

Still this is one of my favorite sites though I don't post nearly as much as in the past.

Of course Instructables are the favourite child - they are the whole point of the site, and for quite some time the site consisted purely of step-by-step Instructables.

No slideshows, no videos, no forums, no Groups, no Answers.

Yes, Answers and Groups add to the site, but they are not the core purpose of the site.

Answers the core purpose - no - but as a teacher I know it is a very valuable asset in getting people who want to make - over that step that is stopping them.

So much valuable information and knowledge is locked up in individuals but is inaccessible to people who could use that valuable asset.

To sideline an aid to inspiration seems against he basic principle of the instructable. It's easy to see this site as just a shop window where people who can show off their abilities - But this is a closed minded assumption that the product is the end projects .

It's rather like a Victorian school where the masters gave demonstrations and the students just watched, or a walk round a museum that just shows finished objects (do any do that now?).

What a wasted opportunity to help others learn and understanda and grow.

(I hate to use that dreaded work educate)

A dynamic and growing community needs to actively support and inspire people to make their dreams reality or we won't have future engineers, scientists or inventors.

A world that only contains consumers doesn't work.

The thing is, "answers" is not essential to that - each question could just as easily be a new forum topic.

The point of the Answers section (as I understand it) was to drive traffic to the site because questions on search engines would land on the Answer section, and you didn't need to be a member to ask a question, which tempted you to stay, browse...

The forum is too scattered and vague and too mixed with chat type conversations, (nothing wrong there)

Answers is direct and simple - I ask, and someone with knowledge offers an answer/help.

I produce a cold fusion reactor and write up the Instructable.

If anything is redundant to a site such as this I would vote for the forum.

The problem is, at least on my end, is Instructables is EXTREMELY SLOW.
It takes 45 seconds to a minute and a half for each page to load.

I tried asking why is Instructables so slow in a question and never could get it to publish.

It's been like this all week. Unbearable.

I see the TAB for question.

That's been an on and off again issue. After once again encountering it this morning, I took the time to check the internet health report and found that there was a critical latency issue between three of the backbone providers that may have had something to do with it. Qwest, Savvis and Sprint to be specific. Interestingly enough. Instructables is once again snappy, and the internet health report (last I checked) showed no critical latencies in the backbones.

Wonder if you have a cacheing issue - its been gone since the last update a week or so ago. Try flushing you cache, and deleting all the cookies ?


I think the answers traffic is way down as well since the tab was taken away. There is a thread on the slowness that I posted on as well. It seems to work on Firefox but not very well on IE,