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Is it okay to put liquid latex from a craft store on your skin? Answered

Alright, so I got a jar of liquid latex from a craft store. It says that it is best used for making molds, but I want to use it for halloween prosthetics. Is it okay to put it directly in my skin? Should I test it first on like, a small patch on my arm?

Please help!


The haunted house that I work for keeps a gallon or so of this stuff around for the veteran cast to use to make or alter masks and such, and I can say from personal experience if it says it is for mold making, DO NOT use this directly on the skin!! Only make-up grade latex should be used this way. With this type of latex, you are best off making an appliance and fixing it to your skin with an adhesive like spirit gum.

OUCH - You going to have the best wax job ever!!

I would put Vaseline on my skin first - but then the latex may not go on

Alginate is the product for making casts of body parts.

Yes test it you have to see how your body reacts. Don't leave it for a really long time, it can be bad for you. Your skin won't be receiving much oxygen.

probably, unless you have an allergy to latex, which some people do.

Testing first on a small part would be a great idea.

Even after testing I would limit my exposure to just half an arm.