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Is it possible? Is it possible for a motorless knex fully auto with a ram that goes back and forth? Answered

Well, i was wondering is it even possible at all? Oblivitus' Bolt action mg would work, but would only have 5 or 6 shots. Not boasting or anything, but is my mg the closest there is?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well the energy has to come from somewhere. To have it continuous would mean that you'd either have to have a crank or use multiple rubber bands that would need some sort of mechanism to steadily control the fire rate. Most people don't think of that as a true full/semi auto gun though even though real fire arms have each bullet loaded with their own gun powder so I don't see why K'nex projectiles can't each have their own rubber band.
My only other idea is a pusher that relies on friction to "squeeze" the bullets out kind like disc launchers. Then you could have them all lined up though it would be pretty hard to control the fire rate of these.

With out a crank and without a motor, no. That's all I can say.

actully what you can also do is make a sling fire row wich is when you line the sing shot guns next to each other and rig it with the same trigger and each time you squeez the triger a little one bulut at a time would come out but it would rapid fire if you hold it down.

It must simply have a source of energy. A motor is one alternative, not the only one.

EB made one but it uses a crank.

Yeah, course its possible. Rubberbands.