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Is it possible for an xbox 360 to output both hdmi and rca signals? Answered

I've perfecting my capture setup, but ever since I upgraded my television I would really like to be able to play in hd, and record in sd. Is this possible? As far as I know the xbox 360 can only output one of these signals at once, I would love to be pleasantly surprised.



6 years ago

you can but a cable like the picture shown,(the vga can be changed to be HDMI)

Xbox360 6.jpg

As far as I know you can't do it out of the box...

You can get an hdmi splitter, and so long as its not an hdcp (copyrighted) material you can then use an hdmi>>sd (component, svideo, or composite) converter.

Trouble is each of those steps involves a loss in quality/responsiveness. I recall a lot of people are using an hdpvr to record their hdmi gaming as a throughput recorder.