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Is it possible to amplify vocals in a MP3-format? Answered


So i have a couple of songs that have very loud instrumental parts, but the vocals are hard to hear. Turning the volume up or down obviously doesn't work and I've switched between In-ear buds and normal buds which didn't help either. So is there a program out there which allows me to either amplify the vocals or reduce the instruments?




Download "Audacity" (free) and open up a copy of the mp3 in that. There you can edit and apply effects to the mp3 that may or may not help. I use it alot to modify music and it has a lot of built in effects. Lots of music that is sold and played live are not mixed very well in my opinion. Went to see a Beatles tribute band Saturday night and we could hardly hear the vocals. This was even run by a "pro sound guy". Good luck.

+1 about Audacity.

You can manage the EQ so that the higher vocal ranges are louder, but it will amplify anything in that range. I personally can target the vocals, but it takes a bit of know-how.

Oh, and there are many people who consider themselves "pro sound guys" who are not even close. Many IT professionals consider themselves "AV professionals." Although it is not unheard of that an IT "guy" is also an AV "guy" (as in my case), many times the IT "guys" can figure out how to operate the equipment, but not the art behind it. The main reason I consider myself both an AV and IT guy is because I started in AV... not in IT. (Just my rant about IT "guys" running AV) ;)

Some mp3 players have preset equalizer settings and one of them is often "vocals" or "voice".


6 years ago

If your MP3 player has a graphic equalizer, fiddle with the controls. You can usually enhance the vocals and fade the instruments fairly easy that way.