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Is it possible to build a sound activated sprinkler? Answered

My dogs go on occasional barking sprees, which my neighbor hates. The dogs are short haired & hate water. A sprinkler would work great on them.


I found the Bark Blaster

Im looking for the exact same thing. Please let me know if you found a way to build it!

That would be quite easy.

You would need an electric sprinkler valve - about 15-40 dollars from home depot, and some plumbing parts to hook them up such that you can have a home-water source, and a garden-hose connector on the output.

Option 1 for controller:

Then you need a circuit to power it - you want a 'monostable oscillator' to turn it on during a bark, run for x time, then turn off, and wait (monostable) stably for being triggered again.

To trigger the oscillator, you want an audio amplifier circuit, like a vu meter circuit - and hook the output of the desired volume led to the oscillator.

Option 2 for controller
You could use something like an arduino, listening to a microphone, and running a sketch (software) that listens, and hits the valve when it hears barking.