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Is it possible to clean and reuse pool filter sand rather than replace it? Answered

I know pool filter sand is not a major investment. However, I hate throwing the sand away & replacing it if I don't need to. Is it possible to simply remove the sand, clean it, dry it, return it to the filter AND have it work properly?



6 years ago

There is some different opinions on the matter... One being that the edges of the sand become worn and are not as efficient when gunk rubs against it.. Another being that the worn sand fits closer together making it more efficient. Personally, for the expensive of it, I'd change it every 2-3 years... And you can still backwash just like back in the "old" days.... :)

The old answer, back in the days of much larger but lower-flow-rate sand filters, was to "backwash" the filter on a regular basis -- switch the valves around so water ran backward through the filter (and got dumped somewhere). This would flush out most of the gunk it had accumulated. Then reset the valves, run water into the pool to replace what you'd used backwashing, and resume normal operation. Backwashed sand filters could last for decades, even for large pools.

. If it's just a mechanical filter and that truly is just "plain sand" (not an ion exchange medium or some such), the only problem is repacking the column/tank properly. If you can do that, go for it.