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Is it possible to connect multiple grounds or (-) into a switch while keeping the power sources and outputs seperate? Answered

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Heres a picture of the concept i need to know i would be doing this with more power sources and outputs is it possible and is each battery's power isolated from the others even though i can switch them both off! This is vital because im working with diodes and one burst of power and flush goes my money
any help is appreciated greatly. Thank you!

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steveastroukBest Answer (author)2011-01-07

Yes, use a multipole switch: in your example a double pole switch will work just fine.


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caarntedd (author)steveastrouk2011-01-07

Are all the negatives joined together, or are there two seperate wires running through a double pole switch?

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TheIronHobo (author)caarntedd2011-01-08

Ya all the negatives would be connected through a switch to very FRAGILE diodes

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