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Is it possible to convert wind energy into electrical energy without dynamo in wind turbines.? If yes how to do that...? Answered



1 year ago


A brand new member who couldn't be bothered to fill out a simple profile wants my patentable ideas on how to make better wind harvesting devices. Do you perhaps work for GE and are looking for fresh ideas?

Ok, well if for nothing other than to create a dialog:

Forget the power generating directly. Mount an air compressor to the thing and let it make compressed air. Use a hose instead of power lines and run the compressed air to a generator and let the generator make the power. You eliminate all that stuff with trying to convert electrical power from one type to another. For extended storage to help with days that are not so windy, hook up a number of tanks, like old 1000 gallon LP gas tanks to add storage for the compressed air. No batteries, no converters, nice and simple.

I've been pondering this since I saw you post the question.

All I can think is "what's wrong with a dynamo?"

Probably too dangerous. It might suddenly transform itself into a Dynamosaur! :)

Too expensive? Makes noise? Can't be found where he/she lives? Probably one of those.


1 year ago

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Thanks guys......For your reply.Finally I g

Well, all kinds of things are possible.

For example a wind belt, also windbelt, is a more simple shape than a wind turbine. It captures mechanical energy from wind by vibrating motion, rather than rotating motion.

This 'ible, shows one possible way to build one,


That 'ible uses a magnet, plus coil, similar to voice coil,


to convert the mechanical energy, of the vibrating belt, to electrical energy.

A piezoelectric transducer might also work,


since these work pretty well for converting vibration to electricity.


1 year ago

Moving wires past magnets in rotary machines is fairy standard.

But you could use a safe air ionizer and NIB magnets to separately capture the + and - ions as the wind pushes them near the electrically collected magnetic plates.

This produces a DC generator and no moving parts.

Sorry, air ionizer is a radioactive beta emitter that can be shielded by aluminum.