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Is it possible to cool a computer with Mountain Dew? Answered

  I'm going to a con this summer and am building a computer for the LAN party.  Would it be possible to use Mountain Dew as the coolant for it?


I would be hard pressed to use any carbonated beverage as a coolant due to the thermally induced expansive properties of the carbon dioxide..

If you shook it up real good before pouring it in would that get rid of the co2? Probably still wouldn't make good coolant. Mold and fungus etc.

Oh yeah... hot sugar water...great stuff for a fluid delivery system with an internal diameter of 1/4"... ;-) 

I'm not entertaining the shake-it-up solution...it's just more bad after bad imo...whether the author takes the advise is another matter.

I didn't say to would be great. But the novelty of drinking your coolant at the Lan party would be great.

lol...I suppose that's true, (although I'll leave that task to someone else. presuming copper tubing, copper poisoning is a likely result)

Well, it wouldn't really be a good idea I guess.

I would think that any water-cooling system would function with flat soda as the cooling liquid, but I wouldn't recommend it long-term. As Re-design and seandogue suggest, warm sugar water is a perfect medium for growth of bacteria and other nasties, and when you shut it off, it's likely to clog the pipes. As a novelty, for a short time, it would probably work. But you'd have to flush and clean the entire system afterward, and you might ruin whatever pump you're using.