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Is it possible to create a magnetic difference engine using stirling theory? Instead of hot and cold can strong and weak Answered

I just got finished building a stirling engine using plans from instructables author: thecheatscalc published dec 17 2007. The stirling engine is a heat difference engine. Is it possible to create a magnetic difference engine using stirling theory? I was thinking instead of hot and cold north and south or strong and weak..?



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A heat engine moves heat - the mechanical parts of the stirling engine transfer heat energy from the hot side to the cold side.

Magnetism, however, cannot be transferred like that - you can't move a magnetic field from one place to another without moving the thing that has the magnetic field (the permanent or electro magnet).

So, sorry, your idea will not work.

The best way to use magnetism to drive a mechanism is through the good old reliable electric motor.

u should try messing around with the magnetic fly wheel system, like the one used to oscillate the infrared wave coming out of a microwave's emitting sector..

Hey u have a very good idea .it would be helpful in future for vehicles.if u know an 4 stroke engine works at 20% effecincy coz it loses a lot of energy as heat .this one would instead save it . As minimal heat would get generated

There are many designs for magnetic engines - Most use a hollow coil, a neodymium magnet for the piston and some kind of switch operated by the piston to turn the current on when at the top of the coil so drawing the magnet into the coil and releasing the switch turning the current off. either a weight or momentum or a spring returns the piston to the top.

I think using a magnet WOULD work,but you must be creative,electromagnets could work very well,but also try and use regular magnets,remember,be creative! and don't be afraid to have to redefine the whole look of the thing,just keep the priniple the same,and when you are done put it up here,I want to see this beast,I love electricity and magnets,two things that go good together,so make this thing!! I want to see what you can do.

I think it is possible. consider Stirling engine with rubber diaphragm on tin or cylinder. place on tube attach magnet on other side , place same type of magnet below facing same pole towards . this will create pushing force .which will provide movement and no need of compression . I am going to make one within week , and post video .

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kiteman says that the only way to move the magnetic field would be to move the magnet however if your using an electromagnet you have control over the "strength" and polarization. so technically if you used electromagnets you could have the north south polar switch from top to bottom between iterations. and to create the movement scale up and down the "strength" of the magnets. while yes north south are binary opposites (essentially anyway) the strength in which they pull towards each other relates directly to the strength of the magnets themselves. so what i said above stands. whether its possible or not is still up for debate I'm just saying that IF it's not possible, it certainly isn't for the reasons mentioned by kiteman and lemonie.


North and South are essentially binary and opposite values. Hot and cold are different points on the same scale, i.e. hotter and colder.
Engines which use magnetism are some kind of electric motor, so in a word "no".