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Is it possible to create a speaker wifi receiver and a separate transmitter? Answered

I was wondering if it's been done or if anyone can do this. I have two outdoor speakers that have the negative and positive audio cables. I wanted to somehow connect them both to some kind of adapter that would connect them to a wifi connection and transmit sound to it. I'm open for many different ideas. Thanks.

P.S. I can use my computer as a transmitter if it's possible.


You want to send music to the speakers over a radio link?

Thats what radio does.

Search for low powered radio links.

Also a very good point. "Wifi" specifically refers to the 802.11 computer-to-computer communications protocols. If you just want to send an audio signal, it may make sense to just transmit the audio. That would also avoid the delays inherent in buffering, compressing, transmitting, receiving, decompressing, and spooling back out of a buffer, which may matter if you want the same signal to play on multiple sets of speakers without weird lags between them.

The adapter would itself have to be a small computer running a program which your sending computer can connect to via wifi, and which would receive the data and play it out to an amplifier which would in turn drive the speakers.

Some MP3 players with WiFi capability are already configured to be able to do this -- my Achos, for example, understands the network protocol MS uses to connect to remote multimedia devices.