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Is it possible to do an easy 12v solar charger? Answered

I want to build something for my dad.

Basically I have:
one car battery
one 12v solar panel
one or more computer fans

And what I think would be useful to do is: have the solar panel to charge the battery and run the fan at the same time at day, and get the fan to run from the solar charged battery at night, is this easy to accomplish? 



You really should incorporate a charge controller into your setup. It will feed the battery power that it can handle and prevent the solar panel itself from draining power from your battery at night.

You can run the fan constantly without doing anything special. Just run it off the battery. The panel will charge the battery during the day and the fan will draw its power from there. Computer fans don't draw a lot of current and almost certainly will not deplete your battery before the sun shines again. If you want to have the ability to turn the fan off, put a switch on the positive wire.

How many watts is the solar panel?

Is a charge controller easy to implement? I want to spend the less time I can on this.
When you talk about running the fan constantly without doing anything special you mean I can just connect the panel to the battery and the fan to the battery at the same time? Like having the fan, the battery and the panel using the exact same wires?
I do want to have a switch, but I didn't knew it should be on the positive wire, why is that?
Don't I need to protect the solar panel from the battery or can I connect it directly?
I can't remember how many watts it does have, I know its a small, but pretty decent solar panel, a little bigger than a 15" laptop I guess.
-thanks for your answer :)

I think that would be about 13 W


7 years ago

Maybe I should have searched better I finded an instructable that show me how to do something similar and the price of the hardware needed is way too much for what I was thinking, if nothing easier appears I will just connect the solar panel to the fan and thats it

The instructable is the S.P.R.E.E.