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Is it possible to extract the chip (and its physical environment) of a moblie and insert it into Arduino Technology? Answered

I got no soldering/electronic skills, but would like to enhance clothes with Arduinos as next project. Arduino runs with 8/16Mhz and i thought, if the mobiles do have that tiny but fast chips, maybe theres a possibility to implant them on Arduino-Boards, but i dunno, if thats possible and howto.


No, its not possible. Mobile phone chipsets are extremely difficult to use. You can BUY some of the functionality, like a GSM modem though, which will work with the Arduino.

hm, well in fact, i thought bout implementin Arduino enhanced  with mp3-sofware into clothes to build a multimedia center one can put on by wearin a jacket. I wanna combine style and technology; the idea was to integrate a radio into a jacket, which should be possible, but an mp3-player would be greater and i wanna know how far i can go.
Wure, i have to learn about it first, but theres no reason i can see to learn, if it just turns out that it's impossible.
And i learned that a simple Arduino with 8/16Mhz might be a lil bit slow for runnin an mp3-player.
That's why i'm askin, though i'm a real noob in that concern. (But i can sew like hell)

MP3 players are so small, you could hack one of them very easily to do what you want to try.

What, exactly, do you want to do with it ? Find one that's cheap and effectively disposable to begin with !


Doesn't sound like a project for a beginner to me.  Maybe if it were tried by someone who had tons of experience it might work.