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Is it possible to have two trust fans on a hovercraft ? Answered

I am designing a hovercraft similar to the instructable " 10hp hovercraft ", but competly from scratch. Finding a blade big enough is becoming a problem. I had the idea of useing the 13 horse motor and pullies to power two 20" fans from a box fan. The fans power is also cut 1/3 from trust to lift. So my question is it powerfull enough to lift 250 pounds.


I see no issues other than balance - The lift for a hover craft is a function of the size of the air chamber. as the pressure is very low. Even a couple of PSI would lift 250 pounds if applied over a large enough area.

Contrary to most peoples belief hover craft barely clear the ground - This is the reason for the skirt - its a flexible way to increase the height of the hard bits so you can clear objects on the ground. A flat plate works on very smooth surfaces.

There are web sites that show all sorts of calculations but in the end it may be easier to build and see - the modify accordingly.

i always liked this design


Are you thinking of mechanical balance, or the flow off the fans Rick ? I can see mechanical balance being a problem, but would expect the flow to balance in the plenum.


Balance? I had never thought of that, but if both sides are simectrical would it be balanced then?

You will find you can adjust the balance with your body but it is easier if you get it close to start with.

the last thing you want is ballast.

It will have two rutters behind both fans to control it, but i do understand that shifting my weight helps when controling the hovercraft.

Mechanical balance - the chamber will even out any different pressure issues as you say because it's all about air flow rather than generating much pressure.

We made quite a successful hover craft using a domestic shop vac.at school. many have been made with leaf blowers.

Even CDs with a balloon work over flat ground