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Is it possible to install the Mac OS X operating system on any computer ? Answered

Today, I found a mac book pro box in a bin! And Inside were all the installation disks stickers etc. What I would like to know is if you could install the operating system on any computer or does it require a certain infrastructure to work?
I have just received a home built PC and do not have many files with it. So if it is possible would I be able to uninstall Windows and replace it with the OS X operating system and how would this be achieved?

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Best Answer 7 years ago

Not legally. "2A. ... You agree not to install, use or run the Apple Software on any non-Apple-branded computer, or to enable others to do so."

Some people make it work on particular types of non-Apple hardware, but chances are your existing hardware isn't compatible. You've got to have the right motherboard chipset, video card, etc. to even have a chance of it working, and it may break on the next OS release.

If you just want to mess around with OS X, used Intel-based Mac Minis can be had for $400 at the moment. G4-based ones for $250. New Minis, $669. (Reference here).


6 years ago

Can i have the stickers

Not MacOSX as such (i.e., with all the bells and whistles), as mwrenfro pointed out.

You can install the Darwin operating system, which is the open-source basis for MacOSX. There is a GNU distribution available.

It can be done, but the only person I know who has downloaded an illegal cracked copy of Snow Leopard. He said it worked good for him.