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Is it possible to make a K'nex change sorter? If so, how (post pictures)? Answered

I want to be able to sort loose change easliy without doing it by hand.


I've been building a change sorter, and it is possible.

If my prototype is successful, I'll make an Instructable. That'll give you plenty of pictures. ;-)

Yeah, it's working fine. Now I need to finish it. It'll take some time though, because I'm busy on my ball machine.

No, I haven't been building it because I ran out of green rods. But, I just bought 900 off of eBay. :-)

k but the thing cant take too manyy pieces cuz i dont that many

do you think you could give me some pics of how it works so i can get a good idea of what it will look like?

Its called your hands.  It would be very hard to make a sorter that you just dump pieces into, but I have an idea how.

Quote ArmedK1d13:
Is it possible to make aK'nex Change sorter?
Quote you:
Its called your hands.

Hands are made of k'nex now?

Most real change sorters are just tilted sideways ramps for the coins to roll down and then fall through a hole that is just slightly larger than the coin.  The smaller diameter coins fall into their chutes first.  Shouldn't be hard to do if you can size up something for the coin to fall through.   

i tried that but the pennies always fall through the hole where the dimes fal through

Can you make a picture to give me an idea of what one might look like??

Sorry, I don't do Knex. I think a bunch of connectors and rods will do it.  Maybe if you post this topic as a knex gun that shoots and sorts coins for ammo you may get a response from the regular knex crowd.  Good luck.