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Is it possible to make a home-made crash cymbal ? Answered

I`ve already made a hi-hat and I know how to make snare drum or toms,but I can`t get an idea how to make a crash cymbal :(



Best Answer 8 years ago

what you'll need is a metal plate and a nail. take the nail and hammer it through the middle of the metal plate, there you go a nice cymbal

how do you make hi-hat, man? I've been looking everywhere!

well, if your speaking literally from homemade, basically you can go to a metal store or maybe even amazon.com, and order a few thin sheets of sheet brass (get bronze if you can) and then if you have the right tools, you need to heat it up and then immedietly cool it, and then size out your cast of bronze or brass and then hammer it a ton in a pattern until it gives the shape of a cymbal. then drill a hole in the bell area and your done!