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Is it possible to make an extenshion cord? Answered




Best Answer 9 years ago

there are usually cords at home depot or lowes and the plugs are usually in hardware area (or electrical)

It is possible, but I guess I just don't see what motivation there is for a DIY extension chord...

I'd love and extension chord for my guitar-my fingers get sore : ) A DIY extension cord can have neat things like switches, banks of outlets (in work boxes-4 plugs can be a huge help), varied spacing in outlets, heavier gauge wire (higher amp and lower losses for long lines)...

DIY cords usually cost more than store-bought manufactured ones...but they have the advantage of being custom length. They are easy to make - an extension cord is technically any wire with a male end on one end, and a female connector on the other. If you're unfamiliar with how household supply power works, do not attempt to make your own without supervision of someone who is.