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Is it possible to make your alarm clock play a song instead of....an alarm? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

get a radio shack recording module, and replace mic. with an audio cable.(also at radio shack.) and put play the button circut in place of the speaker. the alarm circut will trigger the module, and play recorded song.

and plug audio cable in omp. headphone port, play song, and press record button on module.

i men computer headphone port.

It depends on the alarm clock and it depends on the resources you have available. A lot of them have built in radios, tape decks, cd players, mp3 players, ipod docks, etc. Your computer can also function as an alarm clock with cheap or free software, but it is a bit wasteful for power to leave it on all the time. My clock has a CD player in it, so I put in a disc with the most annoying album I can think of (Coldplay). As for modifying an existing alarm clock to play a tune, it depends on how their circuit is designed. If you can isolate the noise-making portion of the circuit, you can bypass it. From then it should be simple to adapt a musical greeting-card and wire it in. Keep in mind that any modifications probably will affect how well the clock keeps time.

if you have a cell phone (I'm pretty sure you do) that has MP3 playback capability, simply use BlueTooth and transmit songs to your phone. set an alarm using said file, and presto! your own alarm clock! If your computer doesn't support BlueTooth, you can buy a USB receiver for your computer. it will set you back about 20$.