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Is it possible to modify my car alarm so that it is proximity based? Answered

Some newer motorcycles don't have a key they have a key fob that can tell when you are close and will let you start the motorcycle. I was wondereing if I could use something similar to make my car alarm arm and disarm itself. or even better if it would also enable the ignition so that I could have a button start and never use my key at all.


I'd stick with some sort of active arming for your vehicle personally - so you have to presse a button to do something - then you can't be in a shop say, next to your bike, and someone run off with it while you are inside !!

It's certainly possible to implement proximity locking -- the Prius does so, I believe. I don't know of an easy way to add that to an existing system, but I haven't had reason to go shopping for it.