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Is it possible to mount a CO2 tank on the side of a painball gun? Answered

I am working on a paintball sniper project using a Tippmann 98 Custom as the base gun. I was wondering if it would be possible to mount a small CO2 can, maybe a 6 ounce, on the side of the gun without the bolt on it. I suppose I could just rig something up and attach it through the existing bolt holes, but I was wondering if there was a manufactured product that does this that I could work from.

At the moment I have my tank mounted under the front barrel by way of a home-made rack. This works, but messes with the balance of the gun.

any tips or links appreciated.



6 years ago

Depends on youre use of material. As s plumber I say anything is in reach. What exactly are you working with......is it just off the hose...... or is it hard piped to the gun? Also are the fittings brass or aluminium?

The gun shown above is the gun I am using, the tube fitting is detached from the base of the handle so the tube is flexible.

Use the existing screws on the frame to use large hose clamps that will go around the tank. You may or may not need to get larger screws. It should be a cheap enough modification


that could work, although i think i would use a section of pvc pipe and cut a slot in the side, so i can snap the tank into it. I have done that before on another gun and it worked well.

Yes, its a bit ghetto. But I have a concealed weapons permit here in AZ and I go off and on a bicycle constantly. I learned to use existing frame screws to fasten tape measure clips. PVC will break. Use brass or copper. If you need cheep sources for material, I can tell you how to make it and out of what to get it from..... it always good to know a plumber :)

I can figure it out, although in my experience, PVC will work perfectly for this application. Plumbers are great people :P

I really dont know very much about paintball guns because i only play airsoft but i you should totally post pictures of the gun when you are done with it. It sounds like it will be awesome.

Well, heres some news that will make you happy: this will soon be an Airsoft sniper rifle, for which there will be a complete Instructable!


sneek peek of the earlier version there. The new version will be much more streamlined, and, unfortunately, more expensive. The trade-off is that you get an Airsoft rifle that is extremely simple, and more accurate and powerful than pretty much any manufactured gun.

That is all I will say for now.

I like building suspense.