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Is it possible to power a cellphone directly from the car battery? (original battery dead and unrecoverable) Answered

If the cellphone is left in the car for emergencies only, you might find out that when you need it, the battery is dead. So dead that the car charger does not charge it. Is it possible to use power directly from the lighter? (12V down to 3.7V and some capacitors in between..)

Thanks for any pointers

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lemonie (author)2011-07-19

Buy a 12V to phone adapter (they are cheap and easy to find)


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ianhir-i (author)lemonie2011-07-19

Useless in my case, see above. The phone battery does not charge using the original charger or the car charger adapter. I need a solution to power directly the phone, without it's original battery.

Thanks for the answer, anyway.

I believe I might have found a solution somehow .. here


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