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Is it possible to repair a contact that has been removed while soldering? Answered

When I was attempting my Xbox 360 Rapid Fire ModXbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod the LED fell off along with the contact. Is it possible for me to somehow repair it? Or to continue with the mod? Or is my controller unrepairable?


I would continue. Being that it is a LED it should not affect anything. Depending on how everything goes together there may be less light there than the other sides. I hope that helps.

I fixed a PCB contact just yesterday & it works like a charm. It was really simple too. I did it with by taking a slightly oversized piece of aluminum tape and sticking it to the damaged contact point. I then smoothed it out and poked a hole through it with a dental pick (you could even use a pin). I checked the continuity with my meter, and sure enough it was working the way it should be. I put the component in place (In this case it was a 100k mini pot) After that I took an exacto knife (small razor blade tool), I then sliced off the excess foil tape. I soldered the leads into place. Finally I checked the continuity again, and voila… As good as new!

Well, there are stick-on PCB tabs that can be purchased for repairing PC boards. it is possible that you can find one that would do the job. the alternative, in cases where you really must repair the electrical connection, in which you do have the original contact, is twofold, and one I've used in the past to repair both personal items and professional items. It starts with reattachment of the terminal and then completes with resolder as follows.. (sorry, no pics avail) Items needed: 1. Superglue 2. wire-wrapping wire or single strands of small gauge wire (can be gotten from either stranded cable or braid, for instance) 3. soldering iron with fine tip. Instructions: A. use a tiny bit of superglue to re attach the contact to the board in its original placement. Allow the glue to dry for a few hours prior to following the next step B. apply a tiny bit of glue to the underside of the LED (not the contacts, the body!) and pace in its final position on the board. Allow glue to dry thoroughly before continuing to next step C. cut a short section of fine gauge wire to bridge the broken PCB connection to the LED. If possible, bend the end of the wire nearest to the led around part of the led terminal D. Solder the LED side of the connection and allow to cool E. solder the PCB side of the connection, bridging the broken track. Note that this procedure can be quite tricky. I have often had to do the soldering while holding the connection "steady" using a fine screwdriver or q-tip stem so that it doesn't move during the soldering operation. But it IS quite possible...I saved many a microgravity experiment during my tenure at NASA Glenn Research Center's 2.2 second Drop tower and Zero-g Facilities during the 1990s by applying this technique (the experiments were subject to high-g loading on impact and damage was a way of life...), as well as several pieces of obsolete electronics used by some industrial customers while working on field calls when I worked for a company that supported Parker Hannifiin, Steris Corporation, and others. Sometimes there is no alternative to repair...This is a good technique for situations in which replacement is either impossible or economically undesirable.


9 years ago

It's not something serious, to worry about, just continue with your mod