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Is it possible to repair or repurpose a power bank charger where the mini connector to charge it has become dislodged? Answered

I have an EYON power bank. A year after I got it, the mini connector broke off inside so I could not recharge it. I would like to either repair it or find a way to repurpose it to recharge it and then power/charge things but I don't know enough about how to safely open it without destroying it.


You can also buy an empty power bank from Ebay such as item 252432832986 (a 3-cell version) for very little money. Move the cell from the broken charger to the new one. It doesn't matter if you destroy the case or circuit board. I did this with 6 weak lithium batteries from a vacuum cleaner, and now have 2 good power banks.

Chances are some small plastic tab has broken off and the whole plug/circuit board can be glued back into place, but the only way to find out whats going on inside is to open it up.


3 years ago

maybe. You might be able to repair it. Often these types of things are glued together inside so it might just be a case of opening it up and gluing it back into place. If the wires are broken or if it was soldered to a small board then it might be a bigger problem.

Looks like the top is pressed into place so it could just pull off. There is a web site that shows how stuff like this is put together but I don't recall the name right off. Look for it with a Google search.